She’s From Naptown

She was raised between the country and the city. She had the humbleness to sit and listen to cicadas at dusk and the rawness to fight in the streets.

She knew what it took to roll with the dogs and what it took to be a classy young lady

She cooked with all her soul and loved with all her being

She had a unique look about her, and knew she could have any man or woman in one look…mind and body

She had finesse at its finest quality

Hair so black it had a blue sheen

Eyes a mossy emerald green

Skin a tone of olive only found in lands over seas

She’s home grown…but exotic

She’s an enigma

She’s a Raven in disguise

2 Different Worlds

This can mean whatever you want it to mean… In my case I’m talking about my husband and I. He’s from New York, I’m from Indiana.

  • I like going outside.
  • He’s an introvert.
  • I like to socialize with friends.
  • He doesn’t like talking to anyone outside of family.
  • He eats traditional puerto rican/ Dominican food EVERYDAY.
  • I want a variety and like trying new foods.
  • He likes gaming and streaming on twitch and YouTube.
  • I like interaction with people in person.

The list goes on and on about how we are not alike. In Ushers words “I do what you don’t” applies to us directly. Yet some how we mesh together pretty well.

Him being from New York makes him have a different perspective on life in general. Like having a tough shell, nobody but your inner circle and immediate family, and watch the people that are watching you. It’s a very paranoid and defensive way of life. But that’s how he had to be because the burrows are a hard place to live in.

Me being from inner city Indiana I was able to enjoy some of the country comforts and city convenience without too many issues. I was able to enjoy parks and the little things in life. Things like walking to the library, laying out on the grass and listening to cicadas, and going on bike rides I was able to do freely.