Embarrassing Moment #1

My baby was laughing at someone else pooping…

Yeah I had an embarrassing mom moment. Last week I went to pick my husband up from work (I jacked his car for the day because mine is out of commission currently) and I had to feed my baby.

He was closing up his shop and there was like nobody accept three others on the building so I went to the restroom and proceeded to breastfeed. 5 minutes goes by and someone walks into the stall next to mine.(The kind of stalls you can’t see under)

I don’t think she knew we were in there but she proceeded to do her business and with comical sounds made all the flatulent and “plop” sounds.

I stayed quiet…my baby did not!!!!!

My baby then unlatched and started laughing from hearing the sounds and started hitting the toilet paper holder so it was now known that the other lady was not alone.

I really hope she didn’t see my house shoes on the way past her stall because I couldn’t wait to scoop up my baby and evacuate the premises.

I Can’t Miss You If You Don’t Leave!!

Us moms have an issue with letting go and taking time for ourselves. There’s always an excuse as to why we can’t do something we actually want to do. You can mess up your relationship like that though.

I think more ladies need to hear the phrase “Go pamper yourself”. As a relatively new mom I know I find it harder and harder to just do the normal upkeep with myself that I did prior to having a baby.

Things like getting my nails and I brows done, going out to eat with friends, combing my hair and looking nice when I go out, or even just hanging out and taking a bubble bath WITHOUT rubber duckies and a baby involved.

This didn’t personally ruin my relationship with my husband or other people but it certainly makes things a little harder. Not taking time for yourself can make things tense with other people. At least for me it was like my baby and husband are always around me and I can never get a break from them. But, whenever I did get a break I wouldn’t feel normal without them and I would be anxious and borderline paranoid.

This led me to an asshole…

I was getting irritated with my husband, my patience became short with my baby, and for a long time I didn’t even like myself. I actually hated myself very much because I felt like I was once this beautiful, confident young lady and now because I was a mother I couldn’t be a mom and still look like a hot mama. I still get emotional about this from time to time too.

Call me vain if you will but looking and feeling nice helps the new momma keep her sanity. That goes for any new mom not just myself.

I hope all the moms take some time for themselves, lord knows we all need it.

If you could do one thing to make yourself feel better or be more confident right now what would it be?

Post Partum Paranoia

Being a first time parent is one of the scariest milestones anyone can go through. You over think and over react to just about any and everything. You question yourself as a parent and as an individual. You even freak out just going to the grocery store. Paranoia gets to you whenever it comes to your precious bundle of joy. This is about the paranoia I go through as a new mommy in 2019 and how I try to overcome it day by day. Hopefully it will help you get through rough patches where paranoia and anxiety get to you about your child.

My Story

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

So I had my baby in mid may of this year, 2019, and prior to having her I was fine. while I was pregnant I never thought that my attitude would change about my baby in any way. Actually I thought I was going to take my baby every where and show her off to the world and show people of how proud I am to be her mommy. But in all honesty my paranoia about my babies safety started the same night she was born.

When she was born everything worried me. I was scared she would quit breathing, scared that I was being too rough, I was even scared that the nurses were not doing a thorough enough job and could be harming her. After taking her home my brain went into overdrive with these kind of thoughts… irrational thoughts. If you’re anything like me you’re a worry wart. I think of something negative and then my mind takes it THERE. When I say it takes it THERE I mean to that place where the thoughts are super negative and most likely would never happen in my life time.

This kind of thinking still happens to me at least once a week. No I am not depressed, or going through baby blues, or even post part depression. I would never think of hurting my baby nor am I unhappy in day to day life. But when I watch the news or see posts on facebook about missing kids, babies getting killed in daycare, school shootings, and many many other bad situations, I can’t help but fear the worst scenarios. When I think of these scenarios it makes me want to shelter my baby from the evil outside world.

How I Cope With These Negative Thoughts

Photo by Binti Malu on Pexels.com

There’s no way in the world that I can prevent ALL the bad things away from my child. Matter of fact I don’t want to because she will one day have to learn how to deal with bad things on her own. But to help get rid of a lot of the paranoia of the unknown I try to get out of my comfort zone in a positive way. I still watch the news because it keeps me updated with what I need to know but I do not let that stop me from doing what I need to do and experiencing what I want to with my daughter.

For example, I have a fear that if I go to the store and take my eye off her for one second to pick up something someone will kidnap her and I won’t be able to do anything about it. So to make myself feel better when we do go to the store I take her father or someone else related with me to have a sense of back up. Someone else who will have eyes on my child as well. I also carry pepper spray just in case for my safety and my daughters. Even if you don’t have pepper spray you can carry perfume it isn’t as harsh but it’ll still burn someones eyes .

I also try to enjoy the little things with my daughter and turn those negative thoughts into positive thoughts. If I want to take my baby to go on a playdate or somewhere fun I try to be cautious as well as have fun. take pictures and bask in the moment while I can. I have learned that you will miss all the big stuff in your babies life if you sweat the little stuff. So I try to go ahead and do the things that give me that paranoia and reassure myself by taking protective precautions.

If your thoughts are more “deadly” in a sense of you want to harm yourself, others, or your baby, I would recommend seeking help. Talk to your doctor or maybe go to a therapist if things are just too much for you. You can also take time away from your baby if need be to calm down and release some stress.

In conclusion/ Summary

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I do worry quite a bit but I do not let that stop me from enjoying my life with my little one. There are plenty of ways to reassure yourself that everything will be ok in the long run by taking precautions but going ahead and facing your irrational fears. If you are having fatal thoughts please seek professional help there are so many outlets that you can use. I hope that this helped in any kind of way, even if it just made you feel better that your not alone in how you think.

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Please let me know your irrational fears when it comes to your child/children, or any questions or comments in the comments section below.

Top 5 Ways To Prevent Your Baby From Getting Sick

So as a stay at home mom I have noticed that babies and kids are really gross. I mean that in a very literal way. Kids get into things, they touch everything they see, and put just about anything they can find in their mouths. For me it was all fine and dandy until my baby girl had her first fever. Let me tell you all hell broke loose in the house for the next two days. She would not stop crying for anyone or anything, and as a mother that made me feel terrible that me and her father could not sooth her in any kind of way. So we ended up taking her to the doctors the day that she got the fever and we stayed up and had alarms set so that we could give her medicine every six hours as prescribed. After her fever broke and she became her normal self instead of a siren we made big changes. That’s when we took action and put these five methods to use so as to prevent our daughter from getting sick in the future.

1)Do Not Let Everyone Pass Your Baby Around.

It’s alright to let others hold the baby and enjoy having the baby around. Babies are always a blessing and they genuinely bring joy to many people. However in my opinion it is not always a good thing for the baby to be passed from person to person. You have to take into consideration what the people holding the baby may have going on personally. For example there could be someone who has a cold and has been sneezing and coughing and if they are holding the baby they could easily spread germs unintentionally to the baby. Or if someone who smokes is holding the baby and they don’t wash their hands or change their clothes before holding the baby. They can carry nicotine and smoke on their hands and body and that would be touching the baby. This can definitely make a baby or small child sick especially if they have asthma and breathe in the smoke coming from someones clothes and hair.

2)Wash The Baby’s Toys

Many moms and dads like to take their babies on play dates or out to a playground and bring their favorite toys to play with. It is always a good idea to at least take the time after a hard day of play to clean up what your baby has been touching all day. Like I said earlier babies touch everything and put everything in their mouths. So they share germs with other babies when they swap and play with toys, or they touch things like dirt and mud and of course touch their toys right after. But if your baby is anything like mine they throw the toys on the ground, spill things on them, and above all chew and suck on the toys. I wouldn’t say go all out every single time your kid plays or gets stuff dirty but there are easy quick ways to clean off the toys like wiping them off with kid friendly cleaning wipes, or throwing cloth toys in the wash with laundry.

3)Dress The Baby For The Current Weather

I like my daughter to look like the cutest thing walking. But, common sense says if I’m cold then she probably is too. If I think it is chilly enough to wear a sweater then nine times out of ten my baby probably should be wearing one too. You can keep your little on fashionable but warm to prevent them from getting a cold or the flu. I live in the midwest where we have fall that really is like winter, winter that’s like the arctic, spring that is really a rain and mud season, and only like two days of real summer. So needless to say a good majority of they year we have to bundle up good. So when dressing your little one it’s a good idea to make sure that their chest is covered from the wind and cold as well as their head. Also, it never hurts to layer up. You can have your little one wear long johns or a undershirt under their outfit.

4)Make Sure You Keep Water Out Of Their Ears

Whether you are giving your baby a shower, playing in the pool, forgot caught in the rain you should really take care to not get water in your Childs ears. When a child gets an ear infection from getting water in their ears it is one of the worst things for them to have to go through at the time. Nobody wants their ears to ring and hurt which then makes the head hurt and can even cause a fever. Even for an adult that is a pretty sucky way to feel. But, for a baby or child they feel that ten times more than an adult would and they don’t know how to fix it either. If it so happens that your little one does get water in their ears a trick that my family has use for generations is to take a cotton ball and put sweet oil on the ball and put it in the ears of the baby, and have the baby lie on their side. This prevents air and more moisture from getting into the ear. The sweet oil helps as well and kind of draws the water from the bottom of the ear. I am no expert but it has always helped me as well as the babies I know.

5)Wash Your Hands

One sure way to prevent anyone from getting sick whether it is a baby or adult is to wash your hands. In any medical facility that’s one of the main things they tell you to do when you come in and when you leave. It is also a pretty easy way to get you and your little one clean. But out of convenience or if there is not a place to wash your hands then you can always substitute with some hand sanitizer. You can always by a travel size bottle of hand sanitizer and keep it on you. Or if you are on the go and really don’t even have the time for that you can always use sanitizer wipes or just normal baby wipes. I’m not a crazy germaphobe and I have personally had moments where My baby girl has thrown up and put her hands in it and then everything around her. When its something little like sticky food or you just do not have anything else it isn’t a bad idea to just use wipes. They are quick and they get the job done for little messes.

Final Thoughts

To sum everything up I just think that it is a good idea to take precautions so that your baby or child or even yourself do not get sick. As a mom I know that that’s the worst feeling when your baby is sick and they are not their normal self. So those are my 5 ways to prevent your baby from getting sick

If you feel like I missed anything or you have any good ways to prevent little ones from getting sick, please comment and let me know.