Life on Lockdown

When I say life on lockdown I do mean that very deliberately. I know that there are many other countries in a worse state of lockdown then the US but I feel as though it will be Very soon that we are on total lockdown. As in no one in or out of their homes for a month.

I am aware that in Italy and most parts of Asia this is how they have to live. It makes me wonder if they had toilet paper hysteria over there as well.

I live in the midwest where a couple days ago we didn’t have any COVID-19 cases…until we did. Within a matter of days people were dying and the shelves were cleared. ALL the schools and daycares are shut down. Most Jobs have been shut down. We will most likely have a recession this year as well.

The news said this could last until august, students might not graduate in may, this may be a BIO attack, all sorts of things.

There are the paranoidvand hysterical that believe all the hype. There are the unbothered individuals who live without precautions. Then there are the few like myself, where as I am aware of the risk but I also know PPE and how to protect myself.

I am in the middle really. I am worried but not hysterical in how I act in my ADL’s yet I am not scared to go ahead and shop like a normal person or enjoy life while the whole country is on lockdown.

What’s going on where you live right now?

How are you handling COVID-19?