My Top 10 Personal Blog Goals

Ok so now I see that it s definitely possible to make something positive happen out of my blog. I guess all the progress that I have made on the blog (even though it’s really not that much) in the last two weeks has lit a fire under me to really keep moving forward.

Therefore I am going to set some personal goals for myself to help in the progression of this blog. I’ve finally figured out that having a blog is not just writing stuff and people read and respond to it, it’s more like having a social media but on a more mature adult like scale. Eventually it would be great to have many followers, views, and make money off of my blog but first I have to put in some major work!

With that being said here are my goals and why.

  1. Get an email list set up: Ok I know I should already have one set up but it isn’t like I’m a professional blogger I just wanted to dabble in it and see if I liked it. Plus I don’t know how so suggestions are so welcome.
  2. Figure out how to promote my blog on Instagram: I already have a decent amount of organic followers on Instagram and I hadn’t posted anything on it for awhile so I just decided to start over, archive my pictures, and drive some traffic to my blog.
  3. Start Promoting on Pinterest: I can pin my material all I want but it is definitely helpful to promote it as well.
  4. Refine my Blog Setup: I really want to learn how to make individual pages to put specific posts on the specific pages because looking at YouTube and google are not helping. I think it would be more easy to navigate my blog site if I can separate subjects and have their own individual pages.
  5. Be more Consistent: I want to be more regulated and consistent with posting and promoting on WordPress, Pinterest, and Instagram. I want to get into a scheduled routine and have things set up so that I can post on all three at roughly the same time.
  6. Make Scheduled posts: I’m going to try to use tailwind and see if I can go ahead and remake posts for all three sites I want to use, so that it will go ahead and post regularly.
  7. Pre-make 30 Days of instagram content: What I mean by pre-make the content is like the pictures that I post that will initially move organic traffic to my instagram and blog. I want to set up 30 pictures for every month, or however many I’ll need to be able to post everyday without having to take multiple pictures everyday.
  8. Get more Motivated: I plan to take some time out of each week and treat myself to something I want to do. I can’t dedicate my whole life to my blog but I can be a better me to stay on the upside of things to be able to share with you all.
  9. Find more Ideas to Share: This kind of goes with doing things I want to do, because if I don’t get out of the house and experience different things and what I like and don’t like how am I supposed to be able to give fresh content and material? You can only come up with so many Idas sitting in the house staring at four walls.
  10. Get 50 followers on my blog: I think that it is important to set goals and standards to keep for yourself when doing something that you want to make a future out of. But I do not want to be unrealistic whatsoever. I want to set small goals that I can reach little by little to grow that way when I hit my goals I can celebrate and bring back that fire and motivation to move forward. I don’t want to give myself a time limit on this either because if I don’t reach my own quota I know I’d be discouraged and disappointed in myself.

Last Thing:

If any of my wonderful followers or even if you don’t follow me and have advise on how I can improve please let me know. If you can shed some light and ideas on how to improve any of the goals that I put up please share. I love the feedback because then I can be better not only for myself but for my content that I post.

Much Love,

Ricky Out

Family is Family…. Right?

It’s a little heart breaking for me to sit here and talk about family. I have had plenty of family members turn their backs on me wanting to deal with someone else and their problems rather than stick with family.

I’ve recently heard a story from a co-worker of mine that his mother-in-law has recently passed. She’s had a lot invested for the family and everyone knew it. Once she had passed, cousins, aunts, and uncles of the in-laws came from near and far to collect what ever she had in store for them in the will… But not once did anyone ask about the mother or anyone else in the family. There was a select few who showed up to the funeral but not everyone who came to collect went.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of things like this happening to family and I’m sure this won’t be the last. I cherish and love all of my family members as a whole and try my best to check in with everyone who show that they care for me. There are those who I care a great deal about, but there are those who I know for sure act just like the in-laws of my co-workers family who are kind of gold diggers. I stay away from those people whether they are family or not.

It’s crazy to think about but even your own blood can treat you like you’re beneath them and be so cold to one another. I couldn’t even begin to imagine losing my mother and my cousins acting like they own my mothers things. I would not be a happy camper and would probably want to fight them.

What do you think? How would you react if it was your mother who passed and people in your family just came around to collect? Any thoughts or emotions running through your mind while reading this story? Leave a comment!

First Blog Post?

I am very new to the blogging seen and knowing what to write for your first post can set a lot of people off. Not knowing what to say or how to say it is a common problem for those just beginning. For this being my first blog post I’d figure I’d write about first blog posts to just get things started.

If you are just beginning on writing posts try not to stress yourself over it. I’m sure it can be a ton of fun. I’m not really into long blogs but that’s okay. I’m sure there are many bloggers out there who also are not. For me starting a great conversation topic is a must. I love talking to those willing to engage in a conversation about things relevant to a post of mine. I used to be a frequent tweeter until my twitter got hacked but I used to post a lot about video games and other topics to engage in with many of my peers.

What ever comes to mind just say it! Audiences will soon follow. Just be…. You!

If anyone has any advice on blogging, please leave a comment! It will help me develop over time as well as others who may view this to be helpful.

Hope to speak with you soon!