Well in all honesty this blog is all about how me and my husband deal with basic things like being new parents, being married, and just dealing with life’s uncertainties and anxieties. We are are really just trying to better ourselves as individuals the best way we can.

Why We Started Blogging

We started blogging for a couple reasons:

#1. I’m a SAHM and I was tired of just staring at four walls and a baby all day. (I love my daughter but being a SAHM can turn into some what of a rut sometimes )

#2. I wanted to help with income but I didn’t want to send my child to a daycare.

#3. As parents we wanted to try to liberate ourselves from the average blue collar lifestyle, so we put ourselves out on a limb to make our little family life a little better for the future to come.

Who are The People Behind Ricky Talks?

Like I mentioned earlier it is just me and my husband. He started the blog off and I took control like the true control freak that I am and he let me.

As individuals we are alike and different at the same time. We both are in our early twenties but we have old souls like crotchety 97 year olds. We are both old school and don’t really fit in with people/ couples our age. We love to dance, joke around, and be hype men for family and friend get togethers.

We are very different too, he likes to stay inside, play video games, and is distant to most people he doesn’t know.

Me however… I’m more social, I like going out and doing anything but party and drink.

Why is Our Site Called Ricky Talks?

Ricky Talks is based off of the name ‘Ricky’ that we both like but is neither of our names. Everyone calls me Rae and him Rico Swavaee or Ricky for short. As for the ‘Talks’ part of Ricky Talks, well, blogging, commenting, and keeping in contact is like getting to know someone and talking.

Words that we live by

You are not always meant to grow with everyone, some people are just a learning curb meant to be left in the past.


It’s now or never so nut up buttercup and let’s get awkward.


Become so confident in who you are that no one’s opinion, rejection, or behavior can rock you.


If you partake in any social media you can find us on…

Instagram: @rick_talks_

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Twitter: @TalksRicky

By the way… we would love to get to know our followers better and how we can better entertain you so please Introduce Yourself.