The End Of Days?

Not to get super biblical but the world today reminds me of Revelations. The corona virus turning into a plague, war, ignorance, lust, all sorts of stuff.(I’m not huge on the Bible I’m just talking about what I remember and comparing it to resent events)

From what I know Revelations was about the beginning of the end of civilization before God wipes the land clean with rain that lasted 40 days and 40 nights (I may be wrong and that may be two different stories). At some point as a child I was also told that when God decides he’s had enough he will once more wash the land clean but not in any way he’d done before.

I think, from a biblical stand point if you are religious, that maybe he’d wipe out people with a literal plague that rocks the whole world…kinda like how the corona virus could potentially do. It makes me wonder where science and religion have a happy medium. Some say they don’t.

I think they do because in every religion there’s talks about how the world was made and how people came to be here…just like science. There are even biblical events that can be proven by science you just have to know where to look.

So how will this scientifical world of our’s match up to Revelations? This is a question that may never be answered sadly…and yet I still wonder.

Is this the end of the world as we know it and the rebirth of a new world? Is it happening right under our noses and we don’t even realize it?

19 thoughts on “The End Of Days?

  1. Hi. Let me assure you this is not the end times.
    I have studied the subject extensively over 40 years.
    There are several key events that need to happen before we see what the should be called “end times”
    If you want a key thing to watch, watch the nation of Israel. They are the complete key to everything.
    That’s why we should pray for the nation of Israel.

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    • I imagine that the end of the world would be something right under our noses and the virus is only one of the things that made me wonder if we truly are heading towards the end. I guess it’s just been a thought that I’ve played with ever since I was aware and understood the calamity and bigotry in the world. It may be a lot to ask but do you think you could tell me where I could look to read up on this? I’d like to learn more especially since what I posted was more or less of what I learned as a child and applied to the world as I got older.

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  2. There are so many theories, and the key is always the wry humour of Jesus who reminds us that signs are fickle and even when the evidence is apparent, we won’t see it. In fact one school of thought is that some of Revelation has already occurred in history, and so many of the views ignore the Greek when doing their exegesis. But, nonetheless, a very good question, a way to reassess.

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    • I tend to look at it somewhat like that, in fact so much so that I wonder what if we are in the midst of the end? Would some people realize it and others not? Would anyone stop and make the comparisons? For me it isn’t like a conspiracy theory but more like just universal questions that could have so many outcomes.

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  3. It’s kinda like the olden days when they had the scarlet fever epidemic. The world is changing. Its atmosphere is changing. Global warming is changing. Icebergs r melting creating more water on the earth. Disease travels, it lingers. I believe this all started in China by a mistake of them playing with the virus before it got out of control 😠


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