Life on Lockdown

When I say life on lockdown I do mean that very deliberately. I know that there are many other countries in a worse state of lockdown then the US but I feel as though it will be Very soon that we are on total lockdown. As in no one in or out of their homes for a month.

I am aware that in Italy and most parts of Asia this is how they have to live. It makes me wonder if they had toilet paper hysteria over there as well.

I live in the midwest where a couple days ago we didn’t have any COVID-19 cases…until we did. Within a matter of days people were dying and the shelves were cleared. ALL the schools and daycares are shut down. Most Jobs have been shut down. We will most likely have a recession this year as well.

The news said this could last until august, students might not graduate in may, this may be a BIO attack, all sorts of things.

There are the paranoidvand hysterical that believe all the hype. There are the unbothered individuals who live without precautions. Then there are the few like myself, where as I am aware of the risk but I also know PPE and how to protect myself.

I am in the middle really. I am worried but not hysterical in how I act in my ADL’s yet I am not scared to go ahead and shop like a normal person or enjoy life while the whole country is on lockdown.

What’s going on where you live right now?

How are you handling COVID-19?

13 thoughts on “Life on Lockdown

  1. At this moment I am really not fearful. My life won’t change much because I do not go out that much. Shopping and seeing the doctors is the extent of my travel.
    I had two doctor’s appointments this week and both were cancelled.
    My daughter is in a real bind. Schools are all closed, hockey cancelled and also dance.
    I cannot help because of distance.
    I do however think about those who will not be able to have a paycheck. It seems it is going to be a very rough road for the the next month or two.

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    • Yes it is going to be a tough time, But I know this too shall pass. All I can do is pray for my family and others as well who are affected by this virus. I am happy to hear that you yourself are safe and not doing too bad, but I hope your daughter and her kids survive well too.
      I would consider my family living paycheck to paycheck right now. Before the virus we were doing just fine but in the inner city jobs are dropping people like flys and right now my husband still has his job but we do not know if it’s a “matter time” kind of situation.
      All I can do is wish the best for everyone round the world and the less fortunate then myself.

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  2. In the campground, we’ve taken several cancellations. I live in a tourist area so the quarantine definitely impacts. But personally, all good. Faith abides in me. Although I know things will get worse before better, I have faith that things always work as they should. It’s different. We’re all in it together and that is comforting. My parents are doing well. My sons and their families so far away in Washington and Alaska. Perhaps quality quarantine is just what our heavenly Papa ordered so we could refocus. Stay healthy 💕🙏🏻

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    • I remember that too but I was pretty young like in between 5-12yo so I didn’t really know it was tense but this virus is bad news bears. You can cut the tension between people who don’t even know each other.

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      • I think back then there wasn’t really concern about what would happen to us here, now people are really concerned that this is going to hit the people they love. There’s a tension, but I also feel like were all in this together.

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      • We really are in this together but you are definitely right it’s one thing to see chaos on Tv and feel empathy it’s another thing when the chaos is knocking on your door and everyone has to deal with it and make it priority.

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