Music Is Sounds For The Soul

Have you ever listened to a song and got goosebumps and chills or even cried? The sonata hits just right. The rhapsody moves your emotions and mind. The beat drops and your body twitches.

I wonder what everyone listens to or if there is a certain song or artist that just resonates with who you are.

I myself am an individual who listen to everything just about. From hip hop and rap to traditional Chinese. I can go from slave spirituals to samba music real quick and it all moves me. The world and different cultures connected by religion and music. An unseen world that everyone is in but most people aren’t aware of.

Some people use drugs to get high, I use music. Others see fake euphoric colors from substances I see the good, bad, and ugly colors of the world through the sounds penetrating my ears and thus my soul. I love the realism of music because it’s real words and feelings that are exposed to the world and you just have to accept it. I accept it what about you?

What kind of music and artists do you listen to? How does it make you feel?

Name some songs in the comments below, that you like I’ll go listen to them and maybe do a review post if you’d like.

13 thoughts on “Music Is Sounds For The Soul

  1. There is one song that I heard on the t.v. show “Touched By An Angel”. In one episode they had the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing “The Battle Hymn Of The Republic”.
    Every time I hear it I just feel something come over me. The church folk call it “anointing”.
    I believe it is on YouTube, give it a listen.

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    • Wow…

      I’m not going to lie I went and listened to a Whitney Huston version and it’s made my heart break…
      Not just because it was a good song but because I didn’t realize until now that it was one of the songs my late grandmother used to sing when I was little. It made me not only nostalgic but also made me miss her a little more.💛

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  2. I believe life should always have background music 🎶! I grew up singing around a piano with my family. I come from a rich southern gospel background. I listen to everything but rap and metal. From The Isaacs singing my all-time favorite, “It is Well With My Soul”, Lauren Daigle singing, “You Say”, to The Eagles (another favorite) singing anything. Music is in my blood. I understand your post well. 🎶👏🏻❣️

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