Respecting The Value Of A Life

Life is fleeting and many people take it for granted Many people have no respect for mortality even though it can be ripped right from underneath us as quickly as it was given. Tomorrow is never promised so we should all be respectful for the time that we have already spent.

I replied this to a fellow blogger regarding Kobe Bryants unfortunate death and my own honest words moved me to the point of writing about what I had said.

It took me awhile to figure out in what words should I regard this topic.

I just feel like people do not respect the value of a life, a soul, a being that walks this earth. Very few care about their neighbors let alone family and friends. So many disrespect their own life’s and others by not taking care of themselves. It’s one thing to have medication prescribed by a doctor or drink a glass of wine to relax or even to have a disease like addiction. It’s a whole different ball game when people start drinking and using drugs to an excessive point to show off for social media or gain popularity. That to me seems silly and a waste of someones life to destroy themselves for “FUN”.

There are other situations that made me want to touch this topic too. Like gang banging…There was a situation in my city regarding gang affiliations and a 21 year old was gunned down. When the suspect turned himself in he said he had shot and killed the unarmed young man because he was intimidated by him. No other reason, no previous issue with the man, they didn’t even really know each other. Yet he was still able to carelessly take someone else’s life without any regard that the young man was someone’s brother, son, nephew, and friend.

Even pollution made me think about life because nobody ever thinks the container that they threw away could possibly kill an animal or get stuck clear across the world in sewage right in front of someone’s home.

Every action we make has tidal wave effect and can create a strain of events that can impact someone or something else’s life. But not enough people care as long as they get to do whatever they want and nothing negatively impacts them. It’s ok as long as it’s not their problem.

This is our sad world that doesn’t respect life. The lord can giveth and he can taketh away. Life will come and go but it’s how you use and respect it that gives it value.

What makes life valuable to you?

19 thoughts on “Respecting The Value Of A Life

  1. Family, friends, & nature💚 I’m learning to embrace uncertainty ~and to let go of that which I can’t control. Humanity is definitely interesting 🤔 I see myself living between “gardens”….that of the beautiful Eden God and until we screwed it up 🤦🏼‍♀️😉, and the GARDEN he’s preparing for those that chose the narrow gate to his freedom. News can depress me. I hug my pup, love on my family, meditate, hike, travel, and look for smiles back to me and those “nods of understanding”….you know the ones that just get it. And there’s a lot if us ~and we stuck together to make the world 🌎 a little brighter 💚 this is a beautiful post Ricky!

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    • Thank you Mrs.Hale, I guess it’s just me reflecting on the things that I see going on in the world today. It isn’t anything like when I was growing up which wasn’t even a decade ago. I actually used to love watching the news and reading the news paper growing up but I just stopped because of all the negative that you see, and your total right we royally screwed up our garden. I hope to try to change something in the world and maybe it’ll help someone else too.

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