Quote Of The Day

For a long time I thought about my wants and dreams but I felt like I had no way of achieving these crazy goals so it was easy to give up. But when you go through with your crazy dreams so much good can come your way.

It could be anything that you dream of like love, a career, or a successful business. But nothing will ever come of it if you give up before you even start.

Closed mouths don’t get fed and questions never get answered if you don’t ask. But why give up if it continuously haunts you to do better for yourself?

6 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day

  1. In my opinion, I feel like people think it would be too hard to achieve their dreams that seem too crazy, or out of reach. They tell themselves that it’s impossible, or they’ll never get there, so they settle and never actually work toward the goal. They would rather not even try than to fail.

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    • This is so true! For me even this is true. I know coming from poverty and not having money or transportation makes going to school or succeeding in anything extremely hard. But, You have to fail many times to succeed anyways so why not take the chance anyway?


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