People Who Make Everything About Themselves.

Self serving…Egomaniac…self centered…self absorbed assholes that can make any subject or conversation about themselves really pisses me off.

I guess you can call this a rant of some sorts but I hate being the “fall back” or “escape goat”. I do love that people can come to me to lean on for an honest opinion or just someone for a shoulder to cry on. But to come to me just to boast about yourself or try to play the “my life is worse than yours” game is annoying.

For example the type of people to ask YOU about YOUR DAY and then continues to tell you about there’s. Why not just be straight up honest and say “Hey I had a great/shitty day can I talk to you about it?”

Or the type of person that if you’re having a bad day or experience they have to up one you and make it seem like theirs was worse to undermine what you’re going through.

It’s ridiculous….

33 thoughts on “People Who Make Everything About Themselves.

      • I couldn’t have said it better myself. I only have an 8 month old right now but I know the years to come will be hard especially since I know there will be a time she’ll hate me and I have to be her mother not her friend no matter how bad it hurts. Was it like that for you ?

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      • Sorry for late response…sick with flu. This years is a whopper 🙄 in the beginning with the boys it was a fun time. Home with my 3 babies under 5. What a handful. There was a lot of things going on at one time. These r the times I reflect on the most. They r all the memories I was gifted with. Then as time progressed I had to make decisions as best that I could see fit. It didnt matter if noone else understood them. It was for the family in a full form of fashions. Still today I am paying for those decisions. I hope that things will be good one day..perhaps they wont. I can only hope they give me one more try..if they dont I know I tried😥

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      • That’s all you can do is try. When or if they already do have kids then they will know parenting isn’t easy and there’s no such thing as a perfect parent because each parent is different and each child needs to be parented different because everyone has different needs. As a mom all you can do is try your best and if they don’t take the extended olive branch then like you said you still tried.


      • I definitely will try my best. I grew up early and kind of carried the world on my shoulders so I know I don’t want her to have that burden to bare. Even if we are going through tough times I want her to always to be able to lean on me for support if she needs it.


      • I don’t know about other kids my age, I say kids because I’m only 21, but I’ve always known I wanted to be a mommy…however it happened earlier then expected but grateful nonetheless. Moms are a blessing so that means you too.


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