What Is Home To You

As you get older the word “Home” changes meaning as your life changes seasons.

At the very beginning of your life your home is your mothers womb and heart beat

Then you’re born and your home becomes your mother as an individual. Her smell, look, and touch. It’s comforting for you and it feels like that is where you belong.

You get older and then home becomes more material . It becomes the house or town you grew up in. The sights and scenes that make up your world as an adolescent.

Then you become a young adult and home becomes your friends and wherever you’re at, at the time. Home becomes what you make of it.

You grow up and home becomes a house, a husband or wife, and kids. Your home becomes a place that now you make safe and comfortable for yourself and your family just like your parents did for you.

You get old and home may be your grandchildren, the house you made safe for your kids, or even a nursing home. But it it will never be what it used to be when you were little

Home will always be a different place, time and people that will come and go in your life. It will never be the same thing twice. The sense of home is much like someones life…It has a fleeting existence.

What, who, where is home for you?

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