If You Can Talk About It, You Can Manage It.

Have you lied to someone you love? Is it hard to talk about things that bother you or things that you left in your past?

Communication is so big when your dealing with other people. It can make or break any kind of relationship because, it is a key role.

The biggest thing in relationships is being able to manage whatever is thrown your way. It doesn’t matter what type of relationship it is whether it’s between parent and child, a couple, or even a friendship. But, to be able to coexist and manage communication correctly with each other allows comprehension and trust to be gained.

You can’t go through a relationship thinking “oh it was just a little white lie” or “It was in my past so it doesn’t matter now” you have to think of how your words and choices will affect the other person in the relationship. For example if you lie to your sister because you don’t want her to know something. If she were to find out she would be hurt, mad, and even lose trust in you all because you didn’t tell the truth. Or if you had multiple sexual partners in the past but didn’t tell your current partner Because “It was in your past”. That could affect them negatively.

To just be honest and talk and communicate what’s going on in that moment is huge. It can be discussed and taken into consideration for your decisions and help others understand who you are. If you can bring it up you can manage the situation. no matter the situation.

9 thoughts on “If You Can Talk About It, You Can Manage It.

  1. I think some get lost in self serving lies that are aimed at avoiding arguments and other “white lies” are not meant to be deceitful but to spare feelings. While I believe both are not the correct approach to building and maintaining a relationship with someone you love, I can see the thought behind it. I read somewhere a statement that resonated with me, not an exact quote, “if you can be intimate with your partner then you should be able to speak truthfully about any and all topics/concerns/issues”. I believe that completely.

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    • I love that you mention this because I think some people may have good intentions by lying so that they don’t hurt others or that some people genuinely don’t know that they are lying because they learned it somewhere along the way in their life to approach situations like that. But that quote is so right if you can be intimate with someone it shouldn’t be an issue talking to them about anything. Easier said then done though. Any way we roll the dice lying is not the way to handle any kind of situation.

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