2020 Habits

New Year who dis?…I am not setting goals this year or saying “New year new me” that’s a whole bunch of bullshit!

I am however changing my life habits. If I change my habits instead of setting goals I feel like it will change me more personally. Why? If you really think about it when someone sets goals and they achieve that goal they just set another even higher goal. Which is fine and dandy but it’s freaking stressful to keep putting large expectations on yourself.

I have blog goals on my post My Top 10 Personal Blog Goals and yes while they are some “Goals” of mine I am not basing it strictly on what I want to change about myself or giving myself a deadline.

I do plan on changing my everyday habits though. I have a bad habit of procrastination, laziness, and finding excuses to not do what I really want to do (I have a fear of judgment by the people close to me so I tend to psych myself out quite often). I am actively trying to take steps to improving this and not being so lazy and finding reasons to not do what I like and putting things off. I can’t be a better me for myself, my husband, or our daughter if I just set unrealistic life goals. But, I can start somewhere and improve little things. Like add an exercise to my day, make a “To do” list and try to complete everything on it to my best capability, or just find something to make me smile (that’s a big one that I want to make happen more).

What are your bad habits? What kind of habits do you want to have?

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