No Holiday Spirit

This year I did take about a week from actually posting anything to my blog. “WHY?” you might ask…

This year during Christmas was really hard for me personally. This year I found myself mourning the loss of my loved ones and not being able to really get into the holiday spirit. Every time I turned around I was overwhelmed with everything going on around me like it was information overload.

This Christmas I also realized that now it is my turn to take care of my parents instead of them taking care of me. They raised me and after I moved out at 18 we lived through life pretty normally. But this year is different. With the loss of my grandparents, my parents have stopped taking care of themselves. They are older, one is almost 50 and the other almost 70 , it’s complicated, but with the deaths of my grandparents they have stopped eating and kind of lost will for their own lives. So now it is my turn to take care of them. Which is wild to me because it feels like just yesterday I was a kid and I thought that they were invincible.

I didn’t get writers block and just stop posting…life happened and I really needed a mental moment for myself so for that I hope my readers understand.

I am so appreciative of everything and everyone that I gained this year. Also that much more appreciative for everything and everyone I lost. For all that I have gained and lost in my 2019 journey I am thankful.

Much Love,


13 thoughts on “No Holiday Spirit

  1. The loss of loved ones is hard to bear, regardless of their age. I prayed for you. My thoughts are with you. I can’t imagine having to take care of a baby and parents at the same time. You’ve got this! It is well with you.

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  2. I think I can understand your parents.
    I suffered with grief over my mom at her age of 57.
    Four years later it was my maternal grandmother.
    I declined rapidly after that resulting in not taking care of myself, wanted to die, and finally spent many visits in the Mental Health Ward here where I live.
    It took a great Psychiatrist and my best friend to see me through the whole dark abyss I was in.
    Just continue loving them and support them!

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  3. It’s totally understandable to take a break when needed. Especially dealing with all the things you were going through. Sometimes we just have to put things on pause while tending to other matters that take priority. At the end of the day, you have to do what’s best for you.

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  4. As a mommy I have to I have a little one that feeds off my energy and the way I am. If it wasn’t for my baby I really don’t know what kind of mindset I would be in after all that.


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