Married Life

“Your kids need YOU to be happy with each other BEFORE you can be happy with them”

Nobody wants to argue and fight in front of their kids or be a broken family. You must be able to communicate and comprehend each other to live happily amongst each other. If you’ve ever heard of the saying “If one persons not happy then no-one is” it really is true.

Your kids can see if their parents are not happy with each other and it has a domino affect on everyone in the household. As parents we have to set good examples of a healthy relationship between each other whether it is in marriage, partnership, or co-parenting. To be happy with each other sets the foundation for your children to understand and be happy as well.

How can you put on a fake smile and attempt to give your all for your kids if you can’t even be happy as parents? Kids see this and they know when something is wrong. As a two parent household or co-parenting, if you are not together, whatever you say, do, and feel towards each other reflects on your children.

Let’s Talk it Out

-Whats your marital issues?

-Does it effect your children?

-Are you willing to make your situation better?

Let me know in the comments below.

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