I’m From New York

When someone tells you they’re from New York, what do you think about? Do you think of the night life? Never sleeping? Skyscrapers or Taxi cabs? Well New York has all of that most definitely, but it’s not for everyone.

The City Life

Being from the big city I don’t really miss it much. I’m the type of person that likes his own space. Everyone is always on top of you (not literally). To me it just seems like I get no elbow room. Some people like that feeling thought, like there are some of my cousins for instance. They love living in the city. There’s a lot of culture so see and food to taste. Not to mention there are a lot of merchant stores that are very much walking distance from home. You would have to venture pretty far to go to Time Square or Manhattan unless you are living in the higher class. Property taxes and the overall standard of living is extremely high there. Jobs are kind of hard to find but not entirely impossible due to the over popularity there.

Stereotypes Are Real

For those who are wondering if the stereotypical “New York slang” is real…. It definitely is. We call each other “son” whether it be a male or female we’re talking too, or “B”. “Deadass” is commonly used as like an “are you serious” or “facts” in the sense of “seriously” or “yup”. There are many other terms used in the urban areas or New York but those are the most stereotyped for New Yorkers. Time boots and cargo pants are very serious in New York, we call them “Butters”.

Would I Ever Return To Stay?

No.. I wouldn’t return to stay. Part of me is glad to be away from New York but I still have tons of family that stay there. I do miss the diversity in culture and the different styles in food there but as I said earlier in the read, everything for me is just too close for comfort. My heart will always lie in New York with the rest of my family but somethings are just not for everybody.

Talented Individuals

From a cultural stand point I look at New York as a cultural hub. There are many different cultures ranging from Spaniards to Jamaicans, Chinese to Japanese, even Europeans to pure Africans. There are certain areas in the city where all cultures meet to sell goods and services to many of New York’s population. You’d see things such as food items, wisdom gurus, to antique shops and many more. Feel free to stop and ask about their journeys and how they got to do what they do. Many of the immigrants are here to take their shot at what freedom is like.


Tell me about your experience in New York. Are you from there? Have you tried any food you thought was different or unique? How often do you go if you do? Have you seen any talent that you liked?

Thanks For Reading!


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