Family Stories

The best part about family really are the stories. When all of the older heads come around there is always some kind of story to tell. Sometimes it’s better than watching tv! There’s nothing like sitting around the dinner table as our elders laugh and tell us all of these funny or interesting stories we would never believe they were in.

Drunk Fun

I don’t know about most people but when my family drink alcohol they become the funniest people alive to me. They crack hilarious jokes on others, talk about absolute non-sense, but the best part are the hilarious stories about their past. It seems like every time I’d see my family they’d have some hilariously wild story to tell every time. We’d sit for hours on a story about their crazy young aged adventures.


Have any hilarious family stories? How does your family operate under the influence? How often do you have family gatherings? Do you feel like you have a big family? Comment your stories and give me your perspective.

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Family Stories

  1. Wise Hearted says:

    this is the favorite things our adult children love for us to do, tell stories, good ones, bad ones about our past. Our Grand children love it too, nieces and nephew also. My daughter in law, says, I wished I could have lived back when you all were teens. That was the best compliment I have ever got.

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    • See that’s one of the best ways to learn family history and how to go about things for the future, at least for me it is. It is so appreciated when our elders, grandparents, and parents share their life stories with the next generation.


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