Dealing With A Death In The Family

If you or anyone you know is dealing with a death of a loved family member, allow them to have their own time. People cope with things differently. Allow them the time to learn to deal with such a tuff time.

I just lost my grandmother due to complications during a procedure. She had over twenty tumors and 3 different types of cancer. During her recent procedure, she started bleeding internally and doctors couldn’t really contain it. She lost 75% of her blood and her liver and kidneys failed. She fought a long hard battle with cancer for the last 7 years. When she first was diagnosed she was given 6 months… 6 MONTHS…. 6 months turned into 7 years. Everyday with her has been a huge blessing.

She created a bucket list when she found out about her cancer and she knocked off a lot from that list. She received a great grandchild, got a house, seen my mom and dad get married after 25 years of being together…. She lived a rich life with the time she was given. We’ve had her for 7 more Christmas’s then we thought we would’ve had.

It’s been very hard for the rest of the family and I but we’re getting through it. I just hope she comes down to see me in my dreams every now and again.

Thank you for reading!

What are some ways you have dealt with a death in the family? How long did it take for it to settle in? How close were you with your passed loved one?

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Much Love,


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