Family is Family…. Right?

It’s a little heart breaking for me to sit here and talk about family. I have had plenty of family members turn their backs on me wanting to deal with someone else and their problems rather than stick with family.

I’ve recently heard a story from a co-worker of mine that his mother-in-law has recently passed. She’s had a lot invested for the family and everyone knew it. Once she had passed, cousins, aunts, and uncles of the in-laws came from near and far to collect what ever she had in store for them in the will… But not once did anyone ask about the mother or anyone else in the family. There was a select few who showed up to the funeral but not everyone who came to collect went.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of things like this happening to family and I’m sure this won’t be the last. I cherish and love all of my family members as a whole and try my best to check in with everyone who show that they care for me. There are those who I care a great deal about, but there are those who I know for sure act just like the in-laws of my co-workers family who are kind of gold diggers. I stay away from those people whether they are family or not.

It’s crazy to think about but even your own blood can treat you like you’re beneath them and be so cold to one another. I couldn’t even begin to imagine losing my mother and my cousins acting like they own my mothers things. I would not be a happy camper and would probably want to fight them.

What do you think? How would you react if it was your mother who passed and people in your family just came around to collect? Any thoughts or emotions running through your mind while reading this story? Leave a comment!

10 thoughts on “Family is Family…. Right?

  1. Wise Hearted says:

    all families have exactly what you described in it. My husband family is a lot more fun then mine even though both have lots of drama in them, lots of pain and hidden anger, but there is a closeness in my husband family that is not in mine. Our childhood were different, his father was absent most of the time, mind was abusive all the time. the older I get the more I understand some things I have misunderstood for years and it’s helped me be more loving toward some of my family that I could actually never go see if God didn’t want me to have a relationship with them. and I must say, its grown me but it also hurts, guess there is little growth unless there is great pain.

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  2. We can pick our friends our mates…unless it’s an arranged marriage which is a different topic altogether. Try to make the most of ur family. Easy as it may sound I know. Maybe the newest best approach is to give while ur still alive. It’s great that she in the story was fantastic at investing and perhaps should’ve taught a seminar how to do this

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